Bachfestival Arnstadt

An Outstanding Journey

Arnstadt still features more original locations related to the Bach family than any other town. There is much to discover, experience, hear and marvel at. Treat yourself to a short holiday and visit the Bach-Festival 2014!

PfeilDid you know that there are 19 places in Arnstadt where the Bach family lived and worked?!

en bachchurch
The tower of the castle ruin Neideck where Caspar Bach once lived with his wife and seven children; the Bachhouse where the young Johann Sebastian was regularly seen coming and going; the Bach Church where he held his first organ recital or the Church of Our Lady and the Upper Church where Heinrich Bach worked as an organist for 51 years.

And that's not all: 17 members of the Bach family were born in Arnstadt and at least 24 are buried in the historic graveyard. However, Arnstadt has a special position amongst all the places that pride themselves on being Bach towns.

en bachhouseTo quote the author Hannelore Wallendorf: "Is it any wonder that the entire clan held here for their annual reunion?" Even if there is no "annual reunion" nowadays, the annual Bach-Festival-Arnstadt revives the musical heritage of this family and is impressive in its versatility, charm and virtuosity!

See for yourself and enjoy the flair of the Bach town Arnstadt in spring 2012.

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